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  JiangSu GangYou Metallurgy Mechanical Roller CO.,LTD.
ADD:JiangSu YiXing Economic Development Zone
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Jiangsu Gangyou Metallurgical Mechanical Roll Co.,Ltd is located at the center of Shanghai,Jiangsu and Zhejiang of the Yangtze River Delta,where is the world-famous Yixing——the pottery capital on the bank of the Lake Tai.The company is a joint-stock enterprise invested by the original Yixing gangyou Metallurgical Mechanical Roll Co.,Ltd and Yixing Yulong Metallurgical Electric Fllrnace Accessories Factory.The company possesses 21.80 million yuan of registered capital and more than 60 million yuan of assets.It covers an area of 50000 square meters,of which,16000 square meters of construction area,and now there are 150 employees in it,20-plus of whom are moderate and senior—level technical managerial personnel.The company has established cooperative relations with the Beijing Science&Technology University and Maanshan Iron & Steel Research Institute etc.,so that it has had capacity of annually manufactturing 10000 tons of metallurgical cast iron and cast Steel rolls and 5000 tons of metallurgical accessories and components.It has been well equipped with 4 sets of the country-advanced intermediate frequency smelting electric furnace(2sets of 10T,1 set of 3T and l set of l.5T),10-odd sets of coulputer antomatically-controlled staud-type electric furnace,3 sets of horizontal centrifugal casting machine for manufactuthlg Φ250~1400mm serial products and over 50 sets of pioeessing equipment like nunleiical control lathe,grinding machine and milling machinne etc. Besides,the company has imported the world-advanced equipment for expethnent and detection(German-made OBLF direct-reading spectrometer and ZEISS metallurgical microscope etc.).
 The conlpany has adopted the methods of regular casting,belt trough casting and centrifugal compound casting for rolls production,the main prodncts are as follows:ordinary alloy cast iron roll,pearlite or bainite ductile graphite cast iron roll,alloy cast steel roll,cast semi-steel roll,graphite steel roll,semi-steel or high-chrome cast iron centrifugal compound roll ring and forged horizontal roll shaft and so on.
 The compally always insists on the goal of making elaborate innovation and providing sincere service.Welcoure our close clients and the new acquaintances to visit the company and make cooperation with us,we would cordially provide our clients the highest quality products and excellent service.


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ADD:JiangSu YiXing Economic Development Zone   TEL:0086-0510-87821500、87821600   FAX:0086-0510-87863555

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