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Conducting arm
Read:4445  2014-7-17

This series arc furnace hydrocooling composite conducting arm are of rectangular frame structure,welded of copper-steelcomposite plate,the upper layer of copper plate conducts current,so it's the conduction function of the electrode arm and electrode supporing function integrated in one device.Due to the abandon of traditional conducting copper pipe on the electrode arm and eliminating of many insulating parts,the structure is simplified with larger conducting surface,substantial contact resistance reductiong is achieved and it also means low maintenance work.It is extensively applicable to arc furance with capacities of 5T to 100T,and large steel ladle refining furance.

Conducting arm technical parameters

Product features:
A.the conduction arm is welded of copper-steel composite plate,the copper plate layer conducts current,white the steel layer supports for mechanical force.
B.cooling water layer in the electrode arm frame to help resist the burning of the furnace.
C.butterfly spring electrode tong hold to fasten the brake to the electrode with pneumatic or hydraulic release mechanism,strong holding force and reliable.
D.the tong hold is made of chromjum-copper or copper steel composite plate,with inner hydrocooling for longer working life.

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