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Arc furance carbon-oxygen gun
Read:4370  2014-7-17
carbon-oxygen gun

It is a must technology in modern arc furnace steel smelting process toreasonablyusetheoxygen.Asatypical auxiliary secondary energy imputing to the arc furance equipmentthe arc furance carbon-oxygen gun is the very important means to achieveultrahighelectricarcfurance.
 Electric furance carbon-oxygen gunisahinghefficiency and energy saving steelsmeltingauxiliaryequipment.It is aworldtrendtoequipultrahighelectricarcfurance with vari oustypes of carbonoxygen guns.In amore and more competi titvesteel market to day energy saving and productiong in crsing are the keyissuse for steel work syetimporting of the guns is very costly butthriug houref for twedeveloped the arcfurce carbon-oxygen gun based on foreign advancements and itproved to bean advanced designandreliable overmorethn one year's practical use.



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